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Welcome to Artzie, the first Artzie in the Depot District of Downtown Lawrenceville, GA. Here at Artzie, we bring together local artists and entrepreneurs with a love and passion for all different beauties of art. We will strive to enlighten all levels of children and adults with their inner appreciation and pleasure of their experience.

Our desire is to unite different walks of life for an afternoon or evening to reach within and find their hidden talent and take home a personal "made with love" piece of treasure.

Alecia Walker is the proud owner of Artzie - a wife, mom, sister, aunt, cousin, teacher, and friend. Those who have shared in her journey know that Alecia is, at heart, a social worker, hippie, traveler, beach lover, giver, art enthusiast, and a gypsy soul covered in tattoos! "I look forward to this new adventure and meeting each of you and finding a new love for your Artzie journey."

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